Hiv symptoms after 3 months


Hi I am a woman who had vaginal and anal unprotected sex with a younger man who seemed to be healthy, but after the sex, I got bacterial vaginosis,which I never had before in my life, then about a month later I had a very low grade fever, about 99 for a day or two. I had a Hiv test after a month, it was negative (blood test) its been a little over 3 months since the sexual encounter, and I am having night sweats, occasionally diarrhea, and I think my lymph nodes are swollen, but I am not sure if it is just the muscles in my neck, since I am a bodybuilder and exercise all the time. I have lost a couple lbs, but my weight is always up and down. I am very scared to get tested again, because If I have it, I know I couldnt live with it, but could these symptoms be of lyme disease, as I do have lyme disease have been treated 2 years ago, but it was 2 years before they found it after I was bitten, and the dr said I will always have it in my body. I know I know I need to get tested but I am not ready to deal with possibly living with HIV


Hi Making the choice to have unprotected sex obviously puts you at risk for many things, from your bacterial vaginosis to other sexually transmitted infections including HIV. It is important to get the 3 month test for a couple of reasons, 1 that is the guideline for testing and 2 you are having symptoms. Yes it could be the Lyme disease but it could also be HIV. I have been positive for over 20 years, and finding out my status back then was scary and I wasn't sure how I was going to move forward, but I did and if for some reason your test comes back positive so can you. The scary thing would be having HIV and not knowing and therefore not able to take care of yourself.

Please get tested so that you know and can move forward in a healthy way either with HIV or not. You need to know!

Be well, Shannon