HIV symptoms


Im now 22. About 2 years ago I had unprotected sex. 5 months later I developed diarrhea, a cough and shortness of breath that would not go away with antibiotics. 2 months later I had an HIV test that was negative. The cough and shortness of breath eventually went away a month after the test but the diarrhea continued for about half a year. I have never felt 100% after I got this cough. Recently my symptoms have been back pain about where my kidneys are, tingling sensations all over my trunk, pain in my armpits, burning sensation in my stomach, and a fuzziness feeling around my heart. I have been to the doctors and have had ct scans, ultra sounds etc..That have all shown nothing. Do you think I need another HIV test? Could these be symptoms of HIV after only 2 years? The 1st time I got tested my doctor told me I was ok since I had been tested 7 months after possible exposure.


Your doctor is correct about the time-- it is very unusual for people to seroconvert (develop a + test) after 6 months. Since you are so worried, it's probably worth it to have another HIV test, but the odds are small that ot will be +.