HIV Symptoms?


Hi Doc. Recently In December I Had caught a cold then right after Caught Bronchitis from my friend who coughed all in my face. The Doctor gave me antibiotics and the cough is gone but I still been feeling ill. Every time I get up and walk outside I get very lightheaded and disoriented and weak and I sometimes get a slight fever, and my tongue is dry and sometimes get white and when i wake up in the morning i have to cough up what ever is in my chest. I went to the Doctor for a follow up and he did the regular blood test and everything came back good. I took X-rays and my chest is clear. I had unprotected sex around 8 months ago.This feeling of lightheadedness and disorientation have been going on since the middle of January. Are my symptoms signs of HIV?


Have you ever been tested for HIV? I don't know what you mean by "the regular blood test"-- testing for HIV isn't routine and requires written consent. While it's not very likely your current symptoms are related to HIV, there's bo way to know for certain unless you have a negative HIV test now, 8 months after the unsafe sex.