Dear Doc. I am 43 ex competitive swimmer and tested + VL 35000 CD4 420 in October and since there I was deadly frightened, a lot of sweat all nights, three months sore throat passed away some day before, a lot of fatigue and cool sweat after a even a little movement in the first month especially. My fever staying in bed was normal 36.6C but only going to eat in the table after 10 minutes the fever goes 37.4C. (Normally in the past I had my optimal temperature 36,5C and at 36,8C I felt not pretty good and if at 37C (which is the limit of normal for the medicine) there was always something going wrong, that because I suffered since a little boy of tonsils and regularly checked the temperature at the point to identified even the difference of few grades by myself.) Now being better I have much low sweat no more fatigue and staying relaxed no fever at all but when I drive it goes 37-37,2C and if I do something more energetically it goes 37.4C. Some relax or laying in the bed for some minutes 10-or 20 it goes normal 36,6C and I feel good again. The question is: This kind of fever is dedicated of Hiv presence or is Stress of being + (having anxiety and no happiness and seeing no future). I used to sleep still since two months FLURAZEPAM because I couldnt slept for days and in these days I am felling stronger but only some exiting thing (in negative sense) or only driving put my basal metabolism in upset. Maybe that Hiv has attacked my central thermal regulation or again stress. I thank You a lot and beg Your pardon for my poor English


Having HIV infection can cause temperature elevation, even after the acute infection period is over. MH