HIV/STD risk from body to body massage


Hi Doctor,

I recently visited a massage parlor for a body massage. The masseuse applied oil all over my body (except penis) and gave me a hand massage. Later, she gave me a body to body massage. During this time, I feel her vagina might have brushed/touched my penis. I was not wearing a condom. However, I did not indulge in kissing, oral sex or any type of intercourse. During the body massage, I ejaculated a few times (after I ejaculated the first time, I asked her to cover my genital area with a towel and then perform massage). I am sure the semen did not come in contact with the masseuse, who wiped it off my body every time with a fresh towel. Also, I dont think she had any vaginal discharge. In the end, she gave me a hand job and I ejaculated. I am feeling guilty about the whole incident now and worried about possible HIV/STD infection. Do I need to test for HIV? I have a slight itching sensation on my penis (Earlier, I had a fungal infection, for which the doctor prescribed medicines and was cured.) Please reassure with your advise doctor. Thank you.

A really worried man.


Hi Really Worried Man,

During your rub-and-tug, you "ejaculated a few times" plus had a happy-ending hand job at the end of the rub down? That's impressive. You're either Italian or we need to check the dose of your Viagra. As for acquiring HIV, relax Max! Your risk is nonexistent. Massage and masturbation, even with multiple orgasms, is not a risk for acquiring the virus. By the way, have you ever considered a career in the adult film industry? I'm sure they could use an "upstanding" guy like you!

Happy New Year.

Dr. Bob