HIV- and very sick with cmv.


I was diagnosed with CMV in May of 2001, after being sick for three months. I had a low-grade fever for 5 weeks. My thyroid was very enlarged. My glands were sore and swollen. I had a violent cough, chest congestion. My lungs were crackeling and wheezing. I had a two week problem with blurred vision. I had three weeks of diarea. The cough lasted the entire three months. It was so violent that I would throw up and get dyspnic from coughing so hard and long. Finally, after I though I was going to die my doctor tested me for cmv. It was high. My white blood cell count had been 19,000+ at it's highert count, and was elevated for weeks. I tested negative for hiv. Why do you think I got so sick from this. I thought only immune suppressed people got this sick?


People with healthy immune systems can indeed get sick from CMV, but it's not very common. Even when it does happen, the CMV doesn't continue to cause problems for the rest of their lives.