could a hiv scare cause PTSD?


My son recently had an HIv scare with a girl he was dating for 3 weeks! She told him she had HIV since birth, both parents died, etc. He freaked out and was devastated. Since then he has had these odd thoughts of men, and their parts, and thoughts are getting more frequent. He is freaking out and thinks he may be gay, but says he isn't and will kill himself if that's what it is. I told him I think he may experiencing PTSD and subconscienously he's scared nwo of being with women. He doesn't exhibit any gay tendancies, and has never had these thoughts! Help! :)



Let me get this straight. Your son breaks up with his sweetheart of three weeks, because she advised him she was HIV positive since birth. OK. He freaks out and is devastated. Check. Then he starts having "odd thoughts of men, and their parts!!!" WHAT??? And the thoughts are getting more frequent. So he's freaking out even more and "thinks he may be gay but says he isn't and will kill himself if that's what it is." YIKES!!! So you told him you think he's got PTSD and subsequently he's scared now of being with women. Oh my!!!

Mom, you've been watching way too much of that Rogaine-failure Dr. Phil on the television. Your son does not have post-traumatic stress disorder. Whether or not his true sexual orientation is gay, I cannot determine over the Internet. But I can tell you that boys who have teenage breakups do not suddenly begin having fantasies of male pee-pee parts! His fears of being gay are indeed common in young folks coming to terms with their gay sexual orientation.

For a variety of reasons, I strongly advise you have your son see a psychologist or psychiatrist. He clearly needs help with issues surrounding his thoughts/fantasies as well as sexual orientation. And why would he consider suicide if he were gay??? Mom, your son needs a more realistic world view of homosexuality as a normal (yes, normal) sexual orientation.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob