HIV sans fever?


After having been told by a doctor (GP),in December '06, that I had AIDS (merry Christmas to him as well), despite a negative blood test (unsure which test then, but negative Oraquick in June 07 - 6 months after), I have a couple questions:

After 1 year of beating my head against the book stack, I am under the understanding that ARS manifests as fever (96% of the time) accompanied by several other less specific symptoms.

May I then assume that the remaining 4% manifest no symptoms at all?

What do you make of a low body temp? I still chuckle remembering that Dr's reaction to my temperature reading of 96.8 (not a typo, but that is relatively normal for me).

To this day, I am varying around 97, even though I was basically a blood red stripe on the asphalt 5 months ago. For about two weeks after that, my temp had a high peak of 99.1. I assume that was part of the normal healing process and was not relevant to any pathogens I might have picked up from the street dwellers scavenging valuables off of this highway hamburger then.

Furthermore, that Dr. based his "diagnosis" primarily on peripheral neuropathy; which I currently understand, relative to HIV, to be a side effect of some ARVs, or caused by nerve damage at low CD4 counts. Comments, corrections?



I'll be brief.

  1. You are HIV negative.

  2. The doctor who diagnosed AIDS, despite a negative blood test, is an idiot who deserves to have his medical license pulled. If he were any dumber, he would need to be watered twice a week.

  3. The rest of your questions and concerns are now moot.

Dr. Bob