HIV Risk From Oral Sex?


I am a 23 year old man from India. Around a little over a month ago, I called an escort home because I wanted some company. We did not have sex ,anal or vaginal. She performed oral sex on me while I was wearing a condom. Before that I had kissed and sucked her nipples for a few seconds and later we just hugged each other while sleeping. Is there a chance for me to have contracted HIV or any other STD? I recently read that symptoms of HIV include a sore throat in the first few days which I got because of drinking cold apple juice. Was it because of the apple juice or have I contracted HIV ?


Based on the details you describe above, I can't see any route by which HIV or any other STI could have been shared. HIV must be transmitted from the mucous membranes of one person directly into the mucous membranes of another, hence why vaginal and anal sex, or IV drug use, are the most common routes. It cannot be transmitted through casual contact such as kissing, sucking, fondling, mutual masturbation, hugging. Even if you hadn't worn a condom you'd be at no risk by receiving oral sex, but that is a decision you made for yourself. Again, from this these events I can't see any opportunity for any transmission to take place.

The other thing worth noting here is the assumption that your partner had an HIV or STDs. In fact, sex workers in many parts of the world are getting tested and treated for HIV and STDs more frequently than non-sex workers, and therefore less likely to transmit to others. In this respect, you may be at less risk with a sex worker than someone you meet casually who does not get routinely tested.

It is true that sometimes people do experience flu-like symptoms if they are seroconverting (going from HIV negative to HIV positive). However, those symptoms generally occur 1-3 weeks after exposure, not a few days later. And those same flu-like symptoms are experienced every day by people who are not HIV positive. Therefore experiencing a sore throat in and of itself is not an automatic indicator that one is becoming HIV. It is more likely a reaction to the stress and fear of becoming HIV positive. The only way you're going to know for sure is to get tested.

I hope this helps you to relax and make sexual decisions based on facts, confidence, and fun.

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