HIV risk ( I need to understand my situation ) Please


Dear doctor Lisa,

I need to know some clarification from your side regarding my question

My risk was : unprotected vaginal sex with sex worker for 1 time with ejaculation inside . I called the girl asked her if she have HIV she answered that she isn't but when i asked her if she tested before , she told me that she never tested before for HIV. (i can't believe that she isn't an HIV case)

During the first 3 months i had a lot of symptoms like :Sore throat for 8 days,night sweat,loss weight till now( 9 kg), diarrhea for no reasons (9 days ), and i feel always fatigue.

I tested for every 1 week with 2nd generation and all came back negative till 3 months and i get over this as many said 3 months test result is conclusive .

But i start get a lot of symptoms again after 18 weeks from my risk which make me confused again: i have all this symptoms from 14 days and still till now : 1-Sore throat , 2-I feel pain in my neck , 3-joint pain especially my knee , 4-rash in my face and my head under my hair, 5-swollen lymph nodes in all my body especially around my neck and which was noticed by my mother , and she don't know anything about my story

latest Tests result:

week 18 : HIV - RNA Quantitative By Taqman Probe : Less than 16 IU/m L and below the detection limit of the kit. Rapid test same day : Alere HIV test : negative

at 21 weeks : HIV ag/ab test by CMIA : non reactive (finally found a combo test in my country but very late)

My question is :

1- can I be an HIV + UNDER ANY CONDITION with an HIV - RNA Quantitative By Taqman Probe result at 4 months : Less than 16 IU/m L and below the detection limit of the kit. and antibody test negative at the same time. Can this results can change under any condition ?? is this a full prove (100%) that i am HIV negative ?? what i understand that the virus must be shown by the RNA until the body produce anybodies to defend it and then it may can't be detectable by the RNA IS THIS TRUE ?

2- Can HIV symptoms appear under any condition after 4 months at at half from the risk action ? Are HIV symptoms related to when the virus entered the body or when the body is starting fighting the virus ? i am now at week 21 and still negative Should i retest again until 26 weeks ?

Did you see any one tested negative at week 21 and tested positive later ?

Please try as you can to answer all my questions with details , I need to get over this situation and i need to be 100% feel save.

Thank you,


Hello there You are negative. I'm not sure what additional details you are looking for. You have tested with all of the currently available tests which are both accurate and specific. Acute HIV symptoms occur early in infection (between 2-6 weeks). take care Dr W