I have been an exotic dancers for about 8 years. I am a full-time student (Biology major) and I have about 2-3 years left of school, depending on if I apply to graduate school for physcial therapy. So, I am not a stupid girl. That being said, I do not enjoy my job, but it is good for now while I am in school for a few reasons.

I do lap dances, in which I am in a top and thong or short-shorts and thong under the shorts, but usually just a thong. Sometimes, the customer ejaculates during these dances. I am very paranoid of this, so I constantly move around to check for wet spots on his pants. What are the risks of my getting hiv or an std if his wet spot rubs on my inner thigh or buttocks or leg? I have had this happen, and when I have noticed it I wiped my whole crotch, legs, and buttocks with anti-bacterial wet-ones after the dance. The lap dances can get virourous, so I am concerned if his wet spot were to rub on me, and me not notice at first that I could get hiv or an std. I also never shave my bikini area on days I work for fear of it the customer ejaculates and has a wet spot, if it rubbed there could I get hiv if there was razor burn or bumps, not open of course, but still there? What if it were to rub on the part of my inner thigh very close to my outer vaginal lips, or what if by rubbing, the thong slipped a little and his wet spot rubbed on it, or close to it. I was considering putting towel down, but I am afraid I won't get dances then, because no other dancer does this, because we wear a top and bottom. I was tested for hiv 3 years ago and was negative, I had to be tested because I had non-hodkings lymphoma and I had to get chemotherpy and radiation. I have been in remisson about 3 years now. I am so paranoid about this that I acutally wipe down with wet-ones after almost every dance anyway, just in case. What if the guy is wearing thin pants and no underwear?

Can I get hiv or std's in any of these situations? I am also happily married, and I worry for my husband. Please HELP!



Even if the horned-up customers spunk their tighty-whities, your STD/HIV risk is nonexistent as long as they keep their pants on and their rocket in their pocket. Believe it or not, you are not the first exotic dancer to have concerns like these. (See posts from the archives below.)

Finally, even guys who go commando and only wear thin pants do not pose an HIV risk to you.

Stay safe and you'll stay well.

Dr. Bob

Exotic Dancer Asks a Question Sep 23, 2005

Hey Doc! Love your website! Several weeks ago I had a customer cum in his pants. YUCK! I was not ammused at all! My knee came into contact with the wet spot on his pants. I freaked out and went to the bathroom to scrub my leg down and I noticed I had a scratch in the same area that came into contact with "the Spot". I wasn't bleeding but it was raised and red. I am freaking out because you never know what these guys carry. Should I worry about HIV? What are my chances of contracting? I know this sort of thing happens all the time at the clubs so an answer would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks a million!

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Exotica,

Thanks for your post. I get gazillions of posts form horned up dudes who have spunked their Calvins with exotic dancers and then become nervous wrecks worrying that they may have contracted HIV from the dancer! I'm delighted to post your question to remind everyone that HIV risk (and worry) is always a two-way street.

Regarding your specific sticky situation with Mr. Pants-cummer, I do not believe there was any significant HIV risk, even if the "scratch" touched the "spot." Yes, I'm sure this happens frequently in clubs, especially when there is a GOP convention nearby.

Stay well.

Dr. Bob


I have not seen any information regarding the STD, Specifically HIV infection, risk to the exotic dancer. It happens all the time........the customer ejaculated in his pants and is not wearing a condom. The dancer finds a wet spot on her cloth. What is the risk? Any research which shows transmission? Does HIV die upon contact with the air? Thank-you very much from a group of goal oriented dancers.

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Goal-Oriented Dancers,

Whether pole-oriented or goal-oriented, I'm delighted you wrote in. It's an excellent reminder to all that concern about STDs always goes in both directions!

As for the wet spot on your "cloth," it's sometimes difficult to know exactly where the wet came from. But if it did come from the "customer" with the gunked up pants, I don't see any cause for concern. He has his spunked up undies plus his perma-press wrinkle-free Dockers khakis on and you have your cloth. The chances of anything getting through all those layers of fabric are nil.

Regarding HIV, it does not survive very long at all outside the body, although it does not exactly "die upon contact with air" either. That said, I want to reaffirm that there is no HIV risk form the activity you describe. I just can't believe so many dudes would readily spunk up their sexy 2xist boxer briefs. Maybe they wear their less fashion-forward undies when they decide to go "dancing" at the Badda Bing.

Stay well!

Dr. Bob