HIV risk from dog bite same as needle stick?


This question is a bit strange but it makes sence. Can a person get HIV from a dogs bite after it bite an HIV+ person the day before? I have a puppy, just got him 6 months ago. He loves to teeth and sometimes he gets a little wild and teeths on my arm. I love to horse around with my puppy a little bit so he was biting my arm for a good 5 minutes, however it left a few cuts. The day before that he was teething on my friend who is sadly HIV+ with AIDS. Am I at risk? Wouldnt this be the same as sharing needles? A wonderful site by the way, how can I go about making a donation?



Relax Max. You can't contract HIV from Toto nipping at your arm, even if he did take a chunk out of an HIVer the day before. HIV does not survive outside the human body. So enjoy Baby Cujo and teach him not to bite before he grows up to be the size of Chewbacca and chews your bacca off!

You can read more about HIV transmission in the archives of this forum. We even have a chapter devoted to animals! Check it out!

Donation information for the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation can be found on the foundation's Web site at Thank you for your interest in making a tax-deductible donation to help those in desperate need.

Be well.

Dr. Bob