hiv risk blood stain?


Hi Expert

I work IT and last week I was in kings cross Sydney australia in a doctor surgery but not a normal general practitioner it was hiv specialist my job was to update computers to new windows version, change stickers on computers etc. on one of the computers there was a brownish stain on the sticker which I accidently touched and then removed the sticker and put it in the bin and then put a new sticker on the computer nothing was on my hand so I rubbed the stain with some paper to see what it was and only some black dirt was on the paper I had only minor sores from a few days earlier on my hand if it was blood and it was hiv positive blood could I get hiv from touching it considering it was in a hiv specialist office and the temperature had to be a certain temperature because they kept hiv medication in that room?


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HIV does not live well outside of the human body. HIV would be unable to infect you in a situation like this.

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