Hello Doctor last week i picked up a prostitue of the street she gave me a blow job and after that we had anal sex all with condom at the end when i ejaculated i ejaculated in here and the condom broke what are my risk do u think i have contracting hiv? she did look very junkie and i am pretty sure she is hiv postive as she is a drug user.

i understand that hiv has its 3 month window peroid but when do u think would be a good time to test i went the other day and had an std and just waiting on the results now??



Broken-condom sex carries the same HIV-acquisition risk as unprotected sex. Consequently STD screening, including HIV testing, is warranted. You are correct: you'll need to wait until the three-month mark for a definitive result for HIV antibody testing. If indeed there is a good chance your Naughty Lady from Shady Lane is HIV infected, you should also get a six-month test, as your exposure could then be considered significant.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob