I've posted before about this before, but as things have moved on thought it best to start afresh.

Recently had major back surgery to alleviate bad pains in legs and back. They inserted a metal cage around the lower vertebrae to depressurise the spine. Had one vertebrae pressing on my spinal chord in a severe way. My GP thought the weight loss was associated with the back problem. I asked the surgeon about this and he was adamant it had nothing to do with the back problem.

My weight loss occurred quickly over several months. I used to weigh around 10 and half stone (sorry don't understand kilos) it has recently been down to 9 stone. Currently 9 stone 5lbs.

Seen my GP in Scotland, who was enthusiastic to begin with, but when he found my base line testosterone to be 15 and normal he thinks steroids are out. He advocates protein drinks. I don't think they are going to have much impact.

So what should be my next step? I've mentioned NANDROLONE DECANOATE and he seems to thinks it's testosterone.

Buying stuff online is a recipe for disaster, as you never really know what your getting!

Help please! Graham.


Try to see where Dr Youle is working in London. He is an expert on wasting.

Mike Youle

Say hi to him for me.

Good luck.