HIV Rapid Test Kit Question -- Donation Given to your Aids Foundation


Hello Dr. Bob,

Sorry for the repititious question today, as I have not received an answer yet so I thought of donating to your Aids Foundation.

I have ordered an HIV rapid test kit. As I am in a remote area right now, I had to get a HIV rapid test approved for USAID.

I understand these home rapid test kits has the HIV antigen embedded in the capture pad, which then will react if the blood sample is followed by the diluent and an HIV antibody was found in the blood specimen.

According from the manufacturer site, this is what it said:

"The assay starts with a diluent prepared sample applied to the sample well. The HIV antigen -colloidal gold conjugate embedded in the sample pad reacts with the HIV antibody present in blood, serum or plasma sample forming conjugate/HIV antibody complex. As the mixture is allowed to migrate along the test strip, the conjugate/HIV antibody complex is captured by a second antibody immobilized on a membrane forming a colored test band in the test region. A negative sample does not produce a test band due to the absence of colloidal gold conjugate/HIV antibody complex. The antigens used in the conjugate test are recombinant proteins that correspond to highly immunoreactive regions of HIV1 and HIV2. A colored control band in the control region appears at the end of test procedure regardless of test result. This control band is the result of colloidal gold conjugate binding to the anti-HIV antibody immobilized on the membrane."

This was the test kit:

When I pricked my finger, I coudn't get enough blood to drop so I kind of touched the capture/sample pad a little bit with my pricked finger rather than letting the blood drop. I'm afraid of HIV exposure after learning that the pad contains the HIV antigen.

Can I get exposed to HIV after what occured?

This is my third month post check. At 9 weeks I came negative with the FDA approved Home Access test kit. I coudn't wait for my third month so I got this HIV rapid test kit instead for a quick 20 minutes result (which I regret now).

I am very deeply worried and have been stressing about what occured.



Your fears are unwarranted. It is absolutely impossible to contract HIV from any type of HIV diagnostic test! (They would be far too dangerous to ever be approved!)

Antigens are circulating proteins that combine in a lock-and-key-type reaction with circulating antibodies (which are also proteins). Neither antibodies nor antigens are infectious. In fact they aren't even alive. Consequently your chances of contracting HIV from contact with HIV antibodies or HIV antigens are beyond nonexistent. It's impossible!

Thank you for your donation to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( It's warmly appreciated. In return I'm sending you my good-luck karma that you are now and will always be HIV free.

Good luck. Be well.

Dr. Bob