I am 26 years old man. I had sex with one of my old girl-friend on 3rd July, 2010. On that day we met and decided to have sex after a long time. After warming-up (had some mouth to mouth smooches) she helped me to wear the condom using her own hands. But, at the time of intercourse my penis became shortened, may be due to we had no emotions in between us anymore. Though I had a feeling that my penis got into her for a very short period of time and that moment I also felt that, the head of my condom became wet due to vaginal fluid. After a big dissatisfaction I removed my condom holding the head of that (Where I felt a little amount of vaginal fluid caught into my finger-tips). After that I went to washroom and rinse my hand by water only (Did not use any soap), then I washed my penis and touched the tip of it with my finger-tip (Which mean there was a contact with the hole of my penis and the tip of my finger which was not properly clean) for a very little time.

Now the problem is after one month of that incident, last 2-3 days I am having headache, my stomach is unstable and having loose motion and also tiredness all the time. (This may caused due to rainy reason as well)

Now my question is-

  1. Is there any possibility that I caught by HIV?
  2. How can I come to know my AIDS status?
  3. Worst case, if I caught by HIV, is there any medicine to survive? If so, then how long I can survive?

Please let me know your concern. I know that is a mistake I had done, because I was unaware of that what my girlfriend was doing these may days. It may be possible that she is clean and may be she is not. But the sex was not unprotected and there was no 100% sperm-contact, which I can guarantee.

Please let me know what should be done now because I am too much worried. Also let me know, shall I look for any other side-effect for the time being.

Thanks and Regards Sankha


I am sorry to hear that you are feeling unwell.

The situation you describe would be a very very low risk to transmit HIV (assuming your girlfriend was infected). There was no break in the skin (ulcers or sores on your penis or fingers), which, if present, might increase the risk. If you have never had an HIV test, it is a good idea to have one. Not necessarily for this episode, but because it is a good idea for everyone to know their HIV status. That is the only way to get ahaed of this epidemic. There is a simple blood test that may alleviate your concerns. If you test positive there are many excellent treatments available and you should be able to control the infection. You can not only survive, but thrive.

Best, Joe