HIV & Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment for the PA


I have developed psoriatic arthritis since being on HAART, but now the Methotrexate & Arava that I have been on for the PA seem to have stopped working & I am in pain all of the time. Saw my rheumatologist yesterday, but he is unsure about prescribing Enbrel or Humira due to the HIV, do you know of any research that has been done regarding these meds & HIV? Are there any alternative therapies to the Arava & Methotrexate that you may be aware of?


Managing severe psoriatic arthritis can be challening in the general population. Embrel and Humira can usually be administered to HIV+ patients though sometimes changes may need to be made in the HIV regimen depending on what regimen your are taking. In our clinic we often involve a pharmacist to assist with drug interaction concerns in situations such as yours. KH