HIV Positive --Liposuction surgery after giving birth?


Hi, I am female 30 years old , hiv+ for 10 years, my vl is >25 copies and cd4 around 800.I am suffering from hard lipo for around 8 years,9 months ago got switched from zerit to viread(along with stockrin and videx),anyhow, i realy want to do liposuction surgery from my belly (and the whole area,waist,back). I got married 3 weeks ago and since i am thinking of getting pregnant during this year, i thought to do this surgery after giving birth, at my country, maternity leave is 3 months, and i want to do it during the maternity leaving before getting back to work,

My question is, is this possible doing this surgery after getting birth? maybe a month later? once i'll get back to work i wont be able to do it.


I would advise you to discuss this with your doctor. Given the physical effects of childbirth and the demands of caring for a young infant, I generally would not advise having this surgery within months of giving birth.