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What would it mean for young people with HIV to see themselves on magazine covers and in the media?

What would it mean for young people afraid of getting tested, or figuring out how to negotiate condom use to see uplifting examples of young people living with HIV?

What would it mean for people to understand the devastating impact that HIV-related stigma, bullying, and discrimination can have on self-esteem, health outcomes, and resiliency of people living with HIV?

We know you understand the importance of media in framing the narrative on HIV, because over 60 organizations and 1200 individuals have already signed our Open Letter to Tyler Perry. (Haven't signed? What are you waiting for? Sign now)

And now...

Openly HIV-positive PWNer Paige Rawl from Indiana is a
finalist for Seventeen Magazine's
Pretty Amazing Real Cover Girl Contest

Paige has been an outspoken advocate against bullying in schools, including helping to pass an anti-bullying bill in Indiana after she survived bullying during middle and high school. Read her inspiring story here.

If Paige wins, not only would Seventeen Magazine possibly have their first-ever openly HIV-positive cover girl, but Paige will also qualify for a $10,000 college scholarship this fall!

We think Paige is pretty amazing, and this is a fantastic opportunity to show an example of HIV-positive women and girls living our lives right here in the U.S. Help #StampOutStigma by clicking here and voting for Paige Rawl right now!

You can vote everyday until August 1st - and with everyone working together, we can help Paige take Seventeen by storm - and change the narrative on living with HIV. Vote here.

#StampOutStigma today. #SOS - Because our lives and our communities depend on it!

In sisterhood and solidarity,

Positive Women's Network - USA

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