I slept with a prostitute by accident strange I know but she didnt tell me she was one, only after our condom broke, she didnt ask for money etc. I have started PEP at about 68 hours and will stick too the regim of 2 times a day even down too within 10 mins of the times, however my question is this... within 2 days of sleeping with her I have cold symptoms, runny nose and am concerned this is the first sign of being infected. How soon would the "cold" apear if it is hiv related and how long will it last. Secondly given my late use of PEP is it more than likly that the infection has taken hold and wont be beaten (Asuming I am infected).

kind regards for the great service.


Thanks for your post.

Whether your sexual partner was a prostitute or not (or whether you paid or not), there could be the potential for HIV exposure.

Cold symptoms that start two days after exposure wouldn't be usual at all for HIV infection (too soon).

While there's a gradation of effectiveness of PEP with time from the exposure, I can't tell you whether or not you're infected at this time. Unfortunately, this means that you'll have to continue to get your monitoring tests to make sure.

Best of luck. BY