Hi my question, is on friday the 18th my brother had an apppointment with a pulmonary specialist after a month of severe shortness of breath and pnuemonia like sighns. my brothers pulmonary specialist admitted him and did an emergency bronchial washing. they sent that to the labs, and it came back with pneumocystis carnni. my brother also has parkinsons disease. he was discharged yesterday from UC San Diego. my mom and i are trying to find any information out there on patients who have parkinsons and HIV, we are looking for statistics on drug reistence, if any of the antivral drugs interact with his parkinsons, and his medications. we also wanted to know if there are other patients with parkinson's that also have HIV. he does have an appointment to start treatment the 15th of december. please send any comments or help



Parkinson's Disease can occur in patients with HIV infection. If HIV infection has involved the brain then some symptoms overlapping with Parkinson's can also be seen. Drugs like Sinemet, Artane, and Cogentin which are used for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease can usually be taken with antiretroviral meds (anti-HIV)though close monitoring is recommended. KH