hiv for one year with CD4 254 ? is this possible


My partner has been infected with hiv. During the first 3 months we were together he has a HIV test that came back nagative. However, 1 year later, it has come back with positive test for antibodies. The CD4 was 254 and Viral we are waiting for results.

My question is, why has his D4 dropped so much over 1 year period? or is it that its a new infection and his CD4 has dipped and will recover?

It's wierd as my CD4 after being hiv for 3 years is still 550 and my viral 77,000 and if its the same strain of virus i thought he would progress the same speed as me?

Im upset by this and would like a suggested reason for this results.


I can understand your being upset that your partner is now HIV infected. If he acquired the virus from you, it is not guarenteed that his course will mirror yours. Central to understanding his CD4 cell count is his viral load. If it is really high, that might account for his low CD4.

A year after infection, I would expect his CD4 to have rebounded post acute infection.

Why different people have different courses may be explained by variations in individual immune response to HIV.