HIV from old condom or exposed to heat


Hello Recently I just had vaginal sex with a prostitute for about 4 minutes.She gave me the condom and I used it once all time during sex.The condom DID NOT break after i had sex My questions are:

1.What if the condom was exposed to heat or cold (I dont know the condition of the condom and did she store them properly,she is just one of those streetwalkers) ?

2.Can heat or cold or sunlight exposure make condom to strech or change its structure and make tiny holes for HIV to pass on me ??? (the rubber condom had CE approval and 100 % electroniclly passed-which maybe was fake,I dont trust very much)

3.What are my chances of getting HIV ??? pls answer cuz im scared to death

The condom DID NOT BREAK i just saw it and trow it away. IT WAS LATEX (rubber) condom - brand SURE


Thanks for your question,

If the condom didn't break, then there was no chance of body fluid passing through it. Therefore there is no risk of infection.

Hope this helps!