We are trying to develop a diet for HIV positive person. What sort of foods are great for HIV and why?

We would like to avoid supplements as much as possible. is this a good idea?


This are some recommendations and a grocery shopping list I provide in my lectures:

Nutritional Considerations:

Reduce saturated (animal) fats, fried foods and hydrogenated oils.

Eat omega-3 fish oil-rich foods- salmon, tuna, sardines or flax seed oil (alternative) Use monounsaturated fats: olive oil

Minimize sugar, fructose (sweets, sodas, foods with high fructose corn syrup )

Eat adequate amounts (0.7-1 gm/lb/day) of protein (fish, eggs, cottage cheese, lean meats, chicken, whey, nuts, etc)

Do not skip breakfast (keep an eye on sugar and refined flower products!)

Try to eat several smaller meals or snacks instead of 2-3 large ones

Eat more almonds, walnuts, pecans and pistachios (good cholesterol lowering fats)

Eat fruits and vegetables of all colors ( varied antioxidant profile)

Eat a high protein, complex carbohydrate- rich meal after work outs

Minimize caffeine (it reduces appetite)

Grocery Shopping List:

Almonds and other nuts Beans and other legumes Spinach and other green leafy vegetables Low fat dairy, yogurt (lactose tolerant) Whey protein or Rice Protein if lactose intolerant Oatmeal Eggs Lean meats (chicken, beef, lamb, fish, buffalo) Whole grain breads and pasta Peanut, almond , cashew butters Olive oil , salsa and avocados Raspberries and all berries. Fruits of all colors(avoid fruit juices) One or two glasses of red wine per day (optional) Flaxseed , pumpkin and sunflower seeds Sweet potatoes Wild Rice Green tea

I also love Charlie Smigelsky book EAT UP, where you can find a lot more information: