hiv+ nursing student


I am a newly graduated nursing student getting ready to sit for the state boards in Florida. Do I have to notify the board that I am HIV+? On the application there is a question that ask "In the past 5 years have you been diagnosed or treated for a physical impairment." I wrote the board and asked what is a physical impairment. They responded by saying "Anything a medical doctor would diagnose as a physical impairment." My doctor does not consider this a physical impairment. I don't want to lose my money or lie on the application. What should I do?


Ask your doc to write a short note that you can attach to the application. In the short note on his/her own letterhead, the doc should make one statement:

"I have not diagnosed X as having any physical impairment, nor am I treating X for any physical impairment."

That's the only way I know to avoid the trap of being accused of lying on an application when a different person or different doc looks at the issue later on.