HIV from Nude Lap Dancer?


Dear Ryan, I know you must be tired of "lap dance questions" but I have to ask you since my case involved a completely nude dancer without any panties on that left stains on my trousers' crotch area.

By the time I noticed the stains an hour later (the dance itself lasted 4-5 minutes), they were already dried and appeared powdery white and I could not determine if any of her secretions had soaked down to my underwear (or worse to my penis) in any way. I also couldn't be sure if these were her own vaginal secretions or those of a recent male sex-partner.

My question is have you ever saw, heard, or read about a case of HIV transmission through a lap dance?

I have come across a rumour on web forums saying that Magic Johnson had himself contacted HIV through this way. It's probably just a rumour but I can't help feeling very very nervous and uneasy about the whole thing. Thank you for your insight and information.


Read my response to Drunk Sex with a Prostitute. HIV has not been transmitted through lap dancing. Even though your contact seemed sexual, I would consider it casual contact. No fluids came into contact with your mucous membranes. Period.

And please, beware of rumors!