Hiv negative and unhappy?!


Dear doctor Bob!         

I am 30 years old female, Hiv negative. Five years ago was in relationship with a sailor who had rich sex life before me. After we broke, I have been tested at least 10 times and many months after... always negative. But recently lost 10 kg. in 1 month, got white tongue,felt muscle weaknes,have tender lymph nodes, fatiq, got seborrea , ekcema, gastritis,depresion...
Doctor has sent me to immuniologist-because every test doctor have done for many illneses ( for Std and others) including test for Hiv (twise) is negative. What to expect and can this really be that I am acctually having Hiv? What kind of test do you suggest? Thank you


Hello HIV and Unhappy,

Well whatever is causing your symptoms, after 10 negative HIV tests, I think we can be absolutely certain HIV is not the cause. My guess is that the immunologist will not find anything significantly wrong with your immune system. Your symptoms sound very much like stress/anxiety/depression. What do I suggest? First I think you need to go from HIV negative and UNHAPPY to HIV negative WOO-HOO (very happy!)! I would recommend you see a therapist. Counseling or anti-depression/anti-anxiety medications may be very helpful. And stay away from those sailor boys! Or, at least, make sure none of them goes "sailing" without their rubbers!

Dr. Bob