HIV negative for unborn baby


I am HIV positive; my wife is HIV negative we like to have a baby. If she gets pregnant by me, what is the percentage that my wife and the unborn baby will get infected with the HIV virus? Is there any treatment or study to reduce the change of my wife and the unborn baby get infected?


The average risk of transmission of HIV from an HIV positive man to an HIV negative woman from unprotected intercourse is about 5% per year. If the woman becomes pregnant and does not acquire HIV infection in the process, then there is no risk of transmission to the infant. If the woman contracts HIV the risk of transmission to the infant is about 25% if no HIV medications are taken by the mother and less than 1% if a cocktail is taken.

So the main risk is to the woman trying to become pregnant. One strategy to lower this risk is sperm washing and artificial insemination. This has been successfully done in Europe for years and is now being done in some centers in the United States.

Here is a link to an article in Positively Aware that reviews child-bearing resources for couples interested in having children. Best of luck to you.