HIV Neg guy says he has thrush


Dr. Bob,

I was reading through your posts (as I always do)and read a post from someone who thought they had thrush--even though they had negative HIV tests. You said what he thinks is thrush may not be that.

I had a thought about what he might be seeing when he thinks he has thrush. I've noticed a lot of smokers get this white plaque on their tongues. I believe it is caused from the nicotine or something. I remember a friend thought he had thrush, because of this white looking plaque. When we looked at pix of thrush on-line, thrush was much different and much thicker. I'm not sure if the questioner is a smoker.

Anyway, thanks for all ya do.



"Thrush" is frequently misdiagnosed. Yes, smoking can cause visible changes to the tongue. Likewise, mouth breathing at night can dehydrate the membranes and cause a whitish coating. There are other potential causes as well, such as postnasal drip, etc. that have been confused with "thrush."

Thanks for your comment.

Dr. Bob