HIV neg and Full Blown AIDS?


My parter has been given an odd diagnosis. He may have full blown AIDS, but is hiv negative by multiple blood tests. His symptoms match MAC, High Fever, night sweats, muscle pain, various skin breakouts, diarrhea, delerium going on two weeks. The doctor can make no sense of it other than AIDS. Does this diagnosis make sense? Are there similar diseases that are mistaken for AIDS? Could he be infected by someone that already had a condition to pass on, but the HIV reaction has not shown yet? They are not offering us another suggestion and we do not know if he should start treatment.


It sounds like your partner has a serious condition, but not AIDS. The diagnosis of HIV and AIDS is based on the presence of antibodies to HIV in the blood. However, in primary HIV infection antibodies have not yet formed, but the virus is present in blood and is measured by a viral load test.