HIV Meds, Low Quality of Sleep and Low CD4 Count

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HIV Meds, Low Quality of Sleep and Low CD4 Count

I stood on the beach and looked out at the water and decided then and there not to let this virus control me, but rather I would control the virus. That was the moment when I stopped feeling sorry for myself and angry about being a victim. I'm doing very well mentally (most days) but I'm still unsuccessful at getting my CD4 count up above 370. I was diagnosed late after being denied additional life insurance. I never had any symptoms and had no reason to think I might be positive. My CD4 count was 160 at age 50. I'm told because of my age and the fact that I was diagnosed rather late I may never reach a normal CD4 count. The virus may have damaged my immune system beyond the point that it can recover. I've been undetectable for about 4 years. I reached that goal surprisingly quick and was very happy to get there.

I'm now seeing a new doctor who I hope will have some ideas on what I can do to try to increase my CD4 count. I'm also taking Atripla [efavirenz/tenofovir/FTC] since day one, a little over 4 years. I've only missed one dose in all that time and I do everything else right. I don't smoke, drink very little, eat very healthy, take some vitamin supplements and exercise fairly regularly. I don't have any other health conditions and don't take any other prescription drugs. The only thing that I can think of that could be hindering my ability to improve is poor sleep and stress from work. Atripla still causes wild dreams/dizziness and although I seem to sleep fairly well I don't think I'm getting a good quality of sleep. I think I've given Atripla enough time to know that I'm not going to improve much more. My new doctor agrees that a switch makes sense and I may see better results on a different regimen. Hopefully, I will find a combination that works better for me and I'll at least double my CD4 count.

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