HIV Meds and Gallbladder Disease?


I am a 42 year old male who has been taking Combivir and Viramune for four years with execellent results, viral load less than 50, CD-4 600-800 for the past 3years. I have a collesteral count of 97, do not eat fatty foods as a rule and exercise. I recently had a massive attack of Gallstones. My gallbladder had to be removed. There is no history of Gallstones in my family. Does Viramune and or Combivir cause Gallbladder Disease? If so should I consider taking different meds?



There is no evidence that I am aware of that Combivir or Viramune are associated with gallstone formation. Once the gallbladder is out that almost always takes care of the problem (a chance to cut is a chance to cure as the surgeons say). I don't think that you need to change this regimen if you are not having any side effects.