Dear Mr. Robert J. Frascino, M.D.,

I am a 28 year old heterosexual male (never used drugs). Over three years ago, I have had two instances of unprotected sex. The first instance was with a woman of my age, who claimed she only had sex once before, with a man from the Navy. The second instance was with an older woman (between the ages of 30-40) who was recently divorced.

Six months ago, I started having muscle twitches all over my body, shooting pains on my legs and arms, and consistent acute muscle and/or joint pain. The muscle and/or joint pain stops for a few seconds, and then starts back up in a few seconds, and then comes back again and again, usually lasting only a few minutes.

Three months ago, I tested positive for Lyme disease. After treatment with antibiotics I still have the above symptoms, plus severely dry lips (which peel 24/7) for over 3 months, not to mention serve anxiety obsessing about the fact my Lyme disease could be a false positive and I could, have HIV due to my two instances of unprotected sex.

My above symptoms especially my muscle and joint pain (which I heard is extremely common in early HIV patients) and severely dry peeling lips (exfoliating lips which I read is an uncommon condition in general public, and is mostly found in HIV patients) are driving my crazy with worry.

Please tell me none of my symptoms are HIV symptoms. Please tell me I am at low risk. Please help me with positive feedback so I can move on with my life and stop obsessing.

P.S. I am afraid and will not get tested due to my anxieties.

Thank you so much for helping me with my worries,



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