HIV+ with Low grade headache


I have been HIV Poz for 18 years and my T cells remain at 500 and my VL <50. For many years, I have had a low grade headache which I thought was sinus problems. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the headaches coincide with loss of concentration, memory loss, extreme tiredness and fatigue. What specialist would be most likely to properly diagnose this problem?


You should consult a neurologist with experience in the field of HIV infection. Some of the symptoms you describe are consistent with the cognitive impairment due to central nervous system (CNS)infection with HIV. However, the development of these symptoms due to CNS HIV infection does not usually occur in people with CD4 count of 500 and VL < 50. HIV-associated cognitive impairment tends to occur in those with CD4 count < 200 and a high viral load.

A good neurological evaluation should help to identify the cause of your symptoms.