hiv is a lie. a response


Firstly, I'd like to thank you for all the hard work you do on this forum (on top of what I'm sure is already a hard and time-consuming dayjob). For many many people the work you do is greatly appreciated and I'm sure many of us are aghast that you have to face criticism from the odd nutter when you work so hard helping others.

In response to the claim that it is the meds making people ill and that HIV is a lie. My wife almost died before she was diagnosed, she had lost loads of weight, had had chronic diarrhea that had hospitalised her twice, became delirious and started fitting (it turns out she had a toxoplasmosis encephalitis). All of this was before either ourselves (or the doctors!) had contemplated it could be HIV related.

Since being diagnosed and on meds, she has not only successfully recovered from the toxo, she has regained all her lost weight, is no longer tired all the time, or sick all the time, or in pain all the time. We are now looking forward to a long healthy life together, possibly having children in the near future.

The only thing that keeps me awake at night now is that millions around the world are not so lucky. Either they do not have access to the medication, they get tested too late, or possibly they are convinced by some deluded soul / psychopathic cultist that the meds do more harm than good. They have the blood of many on their hands.


Thanks for your comments and thoughts.

It is truly good to hear that your wife has recovered.

Good health to both of you, BY