HIV and a Lap Dance Where Orgasm Occurs?


Hello, Mr. Kull, I recently went to a blue collar topless bar and received a lap dance. I was clothed wearing blue jeans and the dancer had a g-string on. Anyways, she grinded me a little with her buttocks on my lap and around my genital region. After she had grinded me and during the grinding as well, I got really excited. At a period where I believe she wasn't grinding me, but dancing close to me, my penis, already erect, ejaculated and so I came in my pants. The semen permeated through my pants so that a visible spot was seen on the outside. I am wondering am I at a significant risk, or any risk, since I received a lap dance and did come. I don't think her vaginal area, or even her buttocks, contacted the area where my semen was at. I tried folding my arms above my lap so she would not sit on me and contact my semen. I am wondering, especially since I cannot remember the exact details (I don't even know if I came while she was grinding me), whether I can be infected with HIV this way. Sorry for the long post. I've read all the posts on lap dances, but none mentioned ejaculation. I'm not even sure if ejaculation during lap dances is even common.


The fact that you ejaculated wouldn't change your risk (which is practically zero). Why would it? The presence of your own fluids doesn't increase your own risk for infection.