HIV infection through toilet paper


Dear Dr. Wohl I am from Singapore. I have a housemate who recently invited an HIV positive friend to stay in our flat for a week and its unavoidable that we have to share toilet in the process. I am not sure if I have some paranoia but recently, my housemates friend used the common toilet and of course used the toilet paper. Few minutes afterwards, I needed to use the toilet and also used the toilet paper to clean up my penis. I am a bit worried that the toilet paper could have some kind of body fluids from this person and maybe transmitted to me when I wipe my penis I did not see anything colored but the toilet paper was a bit moist at that time. Is transmission possible this way? Thank you


There is no way this could be a risk. HIV is not transmitted by casual contact and as long as you do not have sex with your houseguest or share needles with him/her, you have nothing to fear.