Is it because of HIV infection


Dear ,

my wife is a HIV patient and it was last in sept when we had intercourse since then we dint have. in october november and december i had myself tested for hiv but results where negative. we are living seprate since november. i have acute sinusitis for which i was taking levox tablets ( levoflocixin ) i just had one tab and stopped consuming it since i wasnt feeling good with it. i had my lunch at an hotel and since then i was having loose motions which is semisolid type. then i was normal since then .. now i am divorced and due to which i am under very high stress . day back i went for checkup with doc he examined my stool and said all is fine and stool analysis report is negative for all bacteria and parasite , said that i was having irritable bowel syndrome due to mental stress . he gave me daflon 500 mg tab for piles and verine ( mebeverine hydrochloride )for IBS. today i had kfc at lunch and some spicy indian food at dinner and soon after that watery motion passed. my concern is if this think is due to HIV infection or due to stress or something else...


Hi and thanks for posting.

If your last contact with your wife was over three months since your last HIV negative HIV test, then you don't have HIV.

As for your other symptoms, it's probably due to other causes-- stress and an irritable bowel could easily explain many of the symptoms.

I'd keep in contact with your doctor to make sure that any issues are dealt with appropriately.

Be well, BY