HIV- Immune Desease - Sex toys - Tests


Hello Dr. Francino!Well I know you ve answered this kind of question before, but I am a particular case, so please try to read.4 weeks ago I bought a love doll with an artificial vagina separately, all packed, and writing made in China.I used it unwashed, but with a condom that broke, so I got a little paranoid.Then I read your answers here,I kinda calmed down,but then I went to a dermatologist for some other thing and asked him to be sure. The problem is, that my girlfriend who's abroad has an immune-disease, so HIV would be a catastrophe.He made me take a test for peace of mind, and now I am a bit freaked out again.Is there any chance to get a false-positive?In a week I'm gonna see her again,and...what if?Thank you in advance for your answer!



Your HIV-acquisition risk is nonexistent. (Did you think blowup Betty had been cheating on you and maybe had unsafe sex with an HIV-infected postman before she was delivered to your mailbox?) Testing was not warranted. There is always a chance for a false-positive HIV test; however, such results are quite rare and quickly discerned by appropriate follow-up or confirmatory testing.

And, by the way, HIV is a "catastrophe" for all of us who are cohabitating with the virus. Your girlfriend, with or without an immune-disease, really would be no different.

Dr. Bob