HIV and Hyoggonadism....related??


Dr. Bob, Thanks for hosting such an informative site. A donation is on the way. A few months ago I had an encounter with a person of unknown HIV status. I have also, since then had bronchitis (along with a few other co-workers too though) and just yesterday told I have "hypogonadism" by a urologist. Can hypogonadism be related to HIV, or am I just so worried that I am feeling that the symptoms and first bronchitis and now hypogonadism are signs of HIV? I'm very stressed out and hope that you can shed some light on this for me. With many sincere thanks!!



Hyoggonadism??? What's that????

Sounds like neither you nor your Mr. Happy are very happy at the moment. Since you refer to this site as "informative," chances are you have read here several very basic concepts:

  1. Symptoms do not equally HIV disease.

  2. The only way to determine if you are HIV-positive is to get an HIV test.

  3. If you've placed yourself at risk for HIV (and other STD's), get tested. You'll need to wait for at least three months after your potential exposure to get a definitive result on your HIV test.

That said, hypogonadism can occur as a results of HIV disease, complications of HIV disease and/or anti-HIV disease medications. But you certainly should not jump to that conclusion based on what you've written in your question. If you're worried about HIV, get tested. If you want to read about hypogonadism, you can check out my other forum The Forum on Fatigue and Anemia. There you'll find I've written extensively about hypogonadism in folks confirmed to be HIV-positive.

Hopefully by reading the archives and the information in the other forum, you'll be reassured that "bronchitis and hypogonadism" are not, in and of themselves, indicative of HIV disease. This should significantly reduce your stress! Bronchitis and hypogonadism are quite common diseases and also quite easily treated. Your general medical doctor should be able to help you sort these problems out. With the proper evaluation and treatment soon you won't be coughing and Mr. Happy will be standing tall, ready for action. (Safe action, of course!)

Thank you for your donation. You'll also receive a formal thank-you letter from The Foundation.

Stay well.

Dr. Bob