HIV and Herpes II


Dr. Mark, I was tested positive for Herpes I and II antibodies after a high risk encounter 5 months ago, and my HIV test result was negative at 4 months. However I didn't have any symptoms of Herpes II at all, no sores in penis and no pain during urination. On the other hand, I had all sorts of symptoms related to HIV. I developed a coated tongue and a minor Angular Cheilitis 2 weeks after the encounter and they are still there after all this time. My cuts and wounds seem to heal much slower and I get tired very easily. Could I be actually infected by some rare strain of HIV that was not detected by the standard HIV test but somehow got pick up by the Herpes II test? Do people with HIV and no Herpes II usually test positive for Herpes II due to HIV virus? What should I do, any test that I can take? Thank you very much for reading my question and I beg you to answer it please.


A positive test for herpes viruses could indicate past infection and have nothing to do with current events. There is no cross reaction between herpes and HIV antibody tests.