been poz hiv for 20+yrs off meds since 2001cd4 avg 600-800viral 50- has been 80000 juy 9 startedbreaking out on chest pimple like soresspread rapidly cheststomach spreadtoback and lowerlegand rt knee no genital sores or lips though testedpoz for hsv-1 hsv-2 neg for chicken pox virusput me on valtrx week ago not improving is this hiv related / first time i ever experienced this very painful thankyou Bo in Bama is this herpes


Dear Bo, Thanks for your post.

As you might imagine, it's pretty difficult to make a definite diagnosis via the internet. Your labs say that you've been exposed to herpes viruses, the distribution of the pimples that you describe don't sound like HSV.

Rather, sounds more like a staph infection, perhaps the more drug-resistant form, called MRSA. If your symptoms don't improve, I'd make sure to let your doctor know-- it may be that specific antibiotics may help (we use doxycycline or Bactrim for MRSA).

Best of luck, BY