Hiv or Hepatitis?


Hi I have had symptoms of ARS and after these subsided have had fatigue , muscle pain in upper arms and shoulders ocaissonally and some strange small skin bumps on my arms ( mainly) and neck which have persisted for about four months. I tested negative to hiv at wks 5,9 and 15 but am concerned that i could be coinfected or is there a chance these are symptoms of hepatitis? Also is there a possibility that a two week flu like illness (ARS , mono type symptoms)early after a possible exposure are indicative of early hepatitis disease. Thanks for any thoughts


Your illness could be due to many different viruses, including old fashioned mono....

If you are concerned about hepatitis viruses you should certainly be testsed. Yes fatigue is a major symptom of acute hepatitis, but fatigue is very non specific and can be seen in many many illnesses.