HIV in the gym?


My Beloved Dr. Bob,

I deeply ADMIRE you and only you can put my mind at ease.

I'm in panic mode right now. There's an on-site fitness center where I work and right before I went down for my daily workout I got a nasty papercut (ouch-I hate those). Down in the gym, I hopped on my ever so trusty elliptical machine and obviously the person who used it before me had an excellent workout because there was sweat everywhere and he/she didn't wipe the machine down. My fear is that IF this person has HIV and his/her sweat got in my papercut---could I have been exposed?

Dr. Bob, I admit that I feel silly asking this question. Nonetheless, it is causing great worry for me.

What do you think?




No, HIV cannot be transmitted through sweat! By the way, I too love the ellipticizer and hate paper cuts. Now stop worrying, get back on the machine, punch in cross training aerobics at level 17 for 30 minutes, and start sweating!

Dr. Bob