I am HIV+ been diagnosed for a year now. Over the past 2 years (and before being diagnosed with HIV) I have had all my teeth removed with new crowns. I am on Aptripla. Just recently I have not been able to brush my teeth without gums bleeding. It's every time I brush my teeth. Is this related to HIV? Or non related what so ever and have a gum disorder. I started this tooth reconstruction before I got HIV and have not shared with the dentist, as the procedures were near an end when I was diagnosed. thanks


HIV+ persons have an increased rate of gum disorders. You should inform your dentist about your HIV status in order to allow him/her to figure that factor into how to approach your bleeding gums. In some cases may need antibacterial rinses or antibiotics if active gingivitis or localized infections. Also need to check bleeding/bone marrow parameters to make sure you not developed a bleeding problem. KH