Hiv in a freezer follow up question


Hello Mr. Glenn

Thank you for your answer. But i have read that freezing does not kill hiv. Is the situatuion different in a freezer?

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hiv in freezer Nov 29, 2014

Hi, If someone dropped some hiv positive blood on my food in the freezer, does the virus stay alive? I may had similar situation and did not take the food out later.My boyfriend has rough hands and always rubs his eyes. What if he touched that surface some days later and then rubbed his eyes. Please answer, i did not get any answer searching this forum.

Response from Mr. Glenn

There is absolutely no risk from this kind of situation.

HIV doesn't live outside the body long at all because it's fragile. That's answer enough to your question, but on top of that we're talking about blood in a freezer! The HIV can't survive all of that.

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Being in a freezer is beside the point and was not the main part of my answer.

HIV dies very soon after leaving the body. So whether its in a freezer or not doesn't matter. Unless a body fluid carrying HIV comes out of someone's body and goes immediately/directly inside of your body, there's not going to be any risk.

If you're talking about something going in the freezer and then coming in contact with it, that's entirely too much time for it to be infectious still!

At this point, if you're still having trouble accepting how not infectious a body fluid would be in your story.. then maybe this is less about getting more information and more about managing your stress/fear/anxiety around this situation.

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