HIV in a freezer -2


Hi Nancy, you answered a question regarding the survival of HIV in a freezer. Thanks for your answer. But on reading some other responses on other forums, some of the experts say that HIV survival when frozen can be forever. So does freezing in this way (tiny trace of blood on a freezer shelf) still de-activte the virus by drying it out? Suppose HIV were to survive in such an environment, would it maybe have to be in an air-tight container or something? I hope you can explain further, and I'm really greatful for your response - you and the other experts are doing a great job! Thanks.


Thanks for the feedback. When some of the experts say HIV survival when frozen can be forever, I would agree--in most cases. My background in the Red Cross, for example, provides the information that HIV in a frozen blood or tissue donation would remain a risk indefinitely if it were transfused/transplanted to someone else. But those are large amounts of liquid or tissue, carefully sealed for freezing. I'm not aware of any research on a trace amount of blood left in that environment just exposed on a shelf, and I doubt very much that the same answer would apply. But we've come to the end of my knowledge.