HIV by foreplay?


if a man uses his fingers on a woman/man can HIV/STD be transmitted that way. I am more interested in the person who will be recieving the finger! According to some posts here open cuts represent a problem so if the man has cuts and he is hiv+ is this a risk to the person reciveing?


The risk of HIV transmission through fingering is negligible for either the insertive or receptive partner. There is no evidence of HIV transmission occurring in either direction. If an HIV infected person's finger is bleeding and is inserted into a person's vagina or rectum, that risk is clearly changed. The likelihood of this occurring is very small, and there is still no evidence that HIV is transmitted sexually outside of vaginal, anal, and oral sex.

The likelihood of transmission of STDs through fingering is also very small. Some STDs are more easily transmitted than HIV, so it is important to be conscious of any fluids on a persons finger when inserting them into the vagina or rectum. But remember, the risk is still small.

If you would like to reduce your anxiety about transmission through fingering, put a condom (finger condoms are sold as well) over the finger that will be inserted into the partner's vagina or rectum.