HIV from a Fist Bump -- Possible?? --- Dr. Bob... I Donate to your Foundation Regularly.


Dr Bob,

Can you help me with this issue please?

I was working with a friend of mine from work. We were snapping metal buttons on a tarp onto a boat.

I scratched my hand on a snap. My knuckle. The scratch bled. The gentleman who also is HIV Positive also scratched his hands as well. 30 minutes later we said goodbye to each other, and fist-bumped instead of shook hands. His 30 minute old scratch that bled hit my scratch on my knuckle (that bled) when we fist bumped. If there was any HIV+ fluid on his hand. After 30 minutes of us scratching our knuckles -- then we fist bump to say goodbye -- Our scratches hit (touched) each other during the fist-bump...Again if there was any HIV+ fluid on his knuckle ( blood, semen,) anything from his scratch or now anything on his hand. What are the chances of me Getting the HIV virus from our scratches on our knuckles hitting each other like this (during the fist-bump)?? Neither of us were wearing a bandaged or band-aids over our scratches that touched. What are the chances of getting HIV from this??

I am HIV Negative Person --

Do I need to test?

Do I need to quickly get on PEP?

Your answer is sufficient? I will make a Donation as I donate regularly to your Foundation.

Thank You, Michael


Hi, Michael.

While there is a theoretical risk of HIV transmission if fresh HIV-tainted fluids come into contact with non-intact skin, the chances of this occurring during a fist bump with a 30-minute old scratch are so remote that the chance of actual viral transmission becomes nearly nonexistent. Do you need to get HIV tested? The primary reason to consider testing as a consequence of this incident would be to gain psychological peace of mind.

Do you need PEP? Absolutely not!

Michael, thanks for your ongoing support of The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( It's warmly appreciated. In return I'm sending additional good-luck/good-health karma that you are now and will forever be HIV free.

Be well Michael.

Dr. Bob